: Ihr Unternehmen zum Preis eines Abonnements !

We do not sell apartments, 

we make people connect ! 

We are a global network 
of local marketplaces,

all "", created to promote your apartments
to tourists and investors, from all over the world.

An organisation "No Brand"
for better promoting your brands.

The showcase where you can finally have your commercial proposals exposed on the first page, on all search engines.
Every time they are searched

Welcome to a world where customers 
are the ones who look for us!

"No Frills SEO" is almost ready, soon we start ! 

The opportunity 

to be you the one who manages our marketplace in your area. 

The solution

for having your apartment 
on the first page of all search engines, forever. 

Do you want to join our team and manage it ?

Do you want to use us for your visibility ?

Do you want to invest in ? 

Do you want 
to fully manage 

Being the entry point 
for all the activities 
team building, organizational and managerial skills.

Our offers start
from 2000 euro a year.

Do you want to manage one or more sectors of a site?

Tourism, Real Estate,
F&B and Events
are autonomous sections 
on any single site, 
with independent management spaces.

Communication and negotiation skills are essential

Our offers start
from 500 euro a year.

Do you want to use 
to have your apartments 
or your business 
on the first page of 
google searches?

Each site will be operational when the Local Managers' team is complete.
Booking your space in advance will allow you to choose the best.

We offer banners and boxes, starting 
from 3 euro/month.

Do you want 
to enter the 
with your capitals? has growth objectives whose initial speed is linked to the capital entered at the start.
We are not looking for new captains, but capitals in search of a highly rewarding ROI and a short or medium-term exit strategy.

What are you interested in ?

(Four marketplaces in any single site) 

Tourist apartments?

- Meet local suppliers
(our B2B customers)
and check their reliability

- manage contracts
(and your percentages)

- contact guests

- manage the Tourism Blog and all connected social media

- Scout new opportunities

- Develop the GLocal Network

(from 1000 euros/year)

Real Estate

- Meet local suppliers
(our B2B customers)
check their reliability

- manage contracts
(and your percentages)

- keep in touch with customers

- manage the News & Updates section of the site

- Scout new opportunities

- Develop the GLocal Network

(from 2000 euros/year)

Food & Beverage

- Meet local suppliers
(our B2B customers)
and check their quality

- manage contracts
(and your percentages)

- Feed, update and verify information on the site

- Scout new opportunities

- Develop the GLocal Network

(from 500 euros/year)

Activities & Events

- Meet local suppliers,
organisations and institutions
(our B2B customers)
check their quality

- manage your contracts
(and your percentages)

- Feed, update and verify the information on the site

- Scout new opportunities

- Develop the GLocal Network

(from 500 euros/year)

Marketplace #0

our pilot site for the project

 Each site, after an introductory home page,
is divided into three parts: Real Estate, Holidays, and a Blog.
The whole site is multilingual
with the aim of providing increasingly accurate translations,
also with the help of the managers of the sister sites that will be created.

To receive the password to enter,
registration will be required,
both in the real estate and in holidays sections.
This will allow the site manager to contact visitors,

For the pilot site, we give you here now
the two access passwords: real@2021 and holi@2021.

All commercial spaces (empty here) are available
for local, regional, or global agreements,
according to the terms explained below.  

What we can do for you

Do you want to promote your apartments 
on the web, always on the first page, 
on every search engine?

  • Contact us to book the best spaces on your city site
  • We will just be your magnifying glass on the world
  • You will always manage your apartments, as you know how to do
  • Read on for project details
  • If you want to understand the proposals visit our H.Q.
  • Remember that we are still preparing to start

Are you wasting huge sums on the SEO 
of your site with no results?

  • As in a Mall, our spaces are at your disposal
  • Create your own image on your city site
  • We see ourselves as a big family with a common vision, 

       determined to use passion and skills to make a difference.

Do you manage a number of apartments in different locations and would you like to see them all proposed in their best way online?

  • We cover Germany with more than 80 sites, which you can see listed below
  • You can have a presence on one or more sites, even on all of them,  with banners or boxes, always redirecting to your site.

Do you have to promote one or more activities in a tourist place and you don't know how to target only interested customers?

Apartments are always located within a community
We have spaces dedicated to the promotion of events, 
activities, and F&B. 
Take a look at our Mall # 0 and find out how we are organized;
you will find everything here below.  

Do you love your region and would like to start an activity by promoting it online from home and welcoming visitors ?

We are looking for Local Managers to manage the local sites
Passion and excellent English are essential
Find more detailed explanations further on and on the H.Q. site. 

Do you want to invest by funding a revolutionary project?

Investing in this project can be a great opportunity,
that requires an out-of-the-box vision.
We are always available to illustrate our Business Plan
and we also evaluate the most daring proposals.  .

Do you want to see our model site?
Here below you can access our e-Mall # 0

Once we start, we will have more than 80 active sister sites 
(the list below), all :,  covering all of Germany;
identical in their structure, but each one dedicated, customized, 
and with a Local Manager in charge.  

5 Clusters of Value

4 different opportunities

Renting an apartment in the Northumberland countryside
will not cost as much as renting the same house in Bristol 
or even more so in London.
And the same is for running a business.

For the rental of the sites and their advertising spaces on their respective local marketplaces, we have adopted the same flexibility.

We have grouped the UK sites into 5 value clusters, which will be the reference for the basis of our pricing: C1, C2, C3,  and C4.

Cluster 5 is dedicated to the "unique pieces", 
assessed on a case-by-case basis.

The detailed breakdown will be updated shortly 

Keep calm 


be patient, please  !

If you contact us, prepare your proposal 
and be ready to wait for a while.
We are evaluating the different offers  
for "setting and customising the e-shops".

Once acknowledged the contact, 
we have decided not to answer immediately,
collect all the data and ponder a bit.

We feel that we are quite a unique product;
if you share our opinion, 
we rely upon your understanding.

Thanks !  See you soon !